"[Text] Hey Carter... Can I crash at your place for a night or two? Or maybe ask Penny if I can crash at her place? I.. I just don't want to be at home right now...."
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[Text] Course.. the house is always open. Why whats going on?

"Hey girls night in my house this week, you interested? :)"
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Course sounds fantastic!


It’s not that hot… Well, yeah, ok, maybe it is. I don’t know, I have aircondition in my room.

Yeah.. ours broke down the other day. I eat a lot of popsicles.

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Afternoon, Rosewood.


We don’t necessarily want more new people just lurking either though, do we? 

They’re sometimes creepy. 

Yeah not a fan of randoms either. Everyone will come back, eventually I think. I hope I mean my birthday is in like a week.

stiles-with-style said: What’s up? :D

Nothing really.. dying in this heat.

stiles-with-style said: Hello, Carter ~


Afternoon, Rosewood.


Yeah what’s that about? Do you think everyone hit the road? 

Maybe? Hey more room for us. No I’m kidding it’s kind of weird.

Afternoon, Rosewood.


Really deserted, maybe everybody decided to leave and we didn’t get the memo.

Everyone on college trips maybe? I don’t know but it’s pretty deserted kind of sad.

Afternoon, Rosewood.

It’s been pretty deserted around here lately…